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Published: 12th October 2009
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I just bought True Religion jeans in the indigo blue color and have loved them ever since. Love their soft feel. They're so comfortable and the best part is due to the lycra these don't get baggy after a few hours like other jeans do and then you have to keep pulling them up. These stay in place plus they're light weight and I really love them dressed up with heels. These jeans can also be dressy with a nice shirt and heels. I love them so much I actually have two of the same.

When I bought my true religions I had never imagined I would ever pay $200 for jeans - but my whole life I've always had problems with finding the perfect pair of jeans. Normally when the waist fits fine, the knees part is really big or if the knees part is good, the waist is way too tight or if everything's perfect I'm not satisfied. But these are just what I've been looking for. The rear pocket placement is important to me and they are placed perfectly right on my buttocks, not below or off to the side. The back pockets are also the perfect size, not too big and not too small--I hate jeans that have pockets that are too small because it makes a woman's buttocks look bigger. The stretch in the jeans makes them so comfortable because the jeans move with you. The style I bought "Stella" compliments my figure. The color of the stitching is perfect for the color of the jeans; due to the color contrast it pops out and is noticeable. I also like the simple design on the pocket.

These are the best jeans for me because it fits my body perfectly and doesn't make my butt look flat and hugs my legs like a glove. The skinny jeans are great but since I'm not a great fan of boot cuts I believe their flare bottom jeans are just pass-able. Since I have athletic legs and narrow hips I chose 'Stella' which is low rise with a contoured waistband. Narrow legs really give an awesome look unlike boot cuts which I find too retro.

I would say if there's any problem with my true religions is that they're really long. I bought Stella and they are about 4 inches too long and I need to take them to a tailor, but other than that these are great. They are trendy, multipurpose, and practical. The slight stretch keeps the shape, accentuating the right parts without being inappropriate.

My three major reasons to pick these over others: One, they're versatile and look just as good with dressy stilettos as they do with a pair of sneakers. Two, the color and wash. Rather than the typical vintage rinse, these have a comfortable and subtle worn look. And the third reason would be the fit.

Yes they are pricey but still I picked up two pairs. After all, perfect fitting jeans are really hard to come by. And for me I believe the price is worth it because without true religion I will be denim-less.

For the first time in years, I'm really happy with my jeans!

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